Security Risk Management for Organizations and Leadership


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  • Active Shooter Training and Program Development
    Above and beyond the typical run-hide-fight format, we build a comprehensive response plan for your organization, with tailored responses for each applicable area, and train them with interactive exercises to make responses automatic.
  • Facility Vulnerability Assessment
    A vulnerability assessment takes into account the most likely and the most dangerous threats, and evaluates your organization's ability to deter, detect, defend against, and respond to these events. Theft of property or information, active shooter, bomb threat, and arson are all addressed, with practical solutions to improve safety and reduce impact to operations.
  • Personal Vulnerability Assessment (for organizational leaders)
    For those in a position or situation that may put them at risk, this course evaluates your personal security risks and educates you on how reduce them, to avoid being a victim. Course can be focused on one individual, or a group such as an entire work section. A report with recommendations to make you safer is included, and training can be added to make this program even more effective.
  • Threat Detection, Validation and Reaction Course
    Focused on your security staff, regular employees (or both), this course helps all members of an organization understand and appreciate their role in protecting the team and its assets. Covers pre-incident indicators, how to tactfully validate suspicions, and determine the best course of action to prevent an incident from even occurring. This program focuses more on prevention vs reaction, but also enhances reaction should an incident still occur.