The Principal is always right?

Those who really know me, know I love philosophy. I can’t read enough of Plato, Kant, Ayn Rand, and others. I’m fascinated by how philosophy forces your mind into twisted thought exercises; I’m amazed by the way this often changes your personal truths irreversibly. I know, you’re already yawning right? What does this have to do with protecting someone you ask? If you have not conducted very many moral/ethical thought exercises in your life, protecting someone else’s life will force you to do that very thing, like it or not.

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The best weapon for the job- A weapons locker approach to arming the team

  I play the guitar and I currently have five of them. Every time I am looking at another instrument my wife asks, “Don’t you have enough guitars?” I always have the same reply, “They are like golf clubs babe.” My theory is guitars are like golf clubs; you can play 18 holes with a putter, but why would you? Beethoven sounds best on a classical guitar and Hendrix; well you have to play that on a Stratocaster. They have the same notes on their fretboards, but each guitar has a tone that suits the music you are playing.

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Do protection teams drive too aggressively?

Kevin Thompson analyzes the driving habits of protection teams.

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