The Next Generation of Mobility Training

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ASSET has re-written the book on mobility training and created relevant, next-level solutions. Courses are organized to maximize training value and never force you to train in topics and drills you don't want or need. You custom-design your course using our modular program of instruction. Our fleet of specially equipped, theater-specific, foreign vehicles familiarizes your team with their unique aspects. Exclusive training modules offer badly-needed training others overlook. Contact our training branch today to see what type of training we can arrange for your group.

Vehicle Dynamics

Focused on urban operations, we use hard data to establish the limits of most vehicles, while also covering exceptions up-armored and heavily loaded vehicles. Students learn to measure this data on-the-fly through various practical exercises and constantly adjust to stay in control. Choose from multiple modules offering a range of skills from laying the foundation for skilled driving, to driving in dense traffic, high speed driving, and pursuit/counter-pursuit skills. We can also address the unique considerations for up-armored vehicles to prevent rollovers without sacrificing performance anymore than necessary.

Off Road

If operating on terrain rough enough to immobilize a vehicle, these modules will teach the limits different vehicles have, how to take advantage of equipment that extends those limits, and how to recover vehicles safely and quickly to keep the mission on time. Our vehicle fleet intentionally represents both modified and unmodified setups, exposing students to a broader spectrum of variables to maximize their knowledge base. Four modules cover everything from basic proficiency to advanced driving skills, complex recovery techniques (for teams with heavier vehicles in more challenging terrain), and field repair to address potential mechanical failures.

Tactical Driving

These modules prepare drivers for a variety of offensive and defensive situations that can occur in transit. Based on relevant case studies and experience, myths and movie stunts are dispelled and replaced with effective tactics, and taught to a high level of proficiency. They progress from abstract dynamic maneuverability drills to realistic scenario simulations (built around your needs). The end result is drivers who are proficient at reading battlespace and swiftly maneuvering for the best possible outcome for the given situation.

Vehicle Transformation

Civilian vehicles weren’t designed for the military. These modules give operators the ability to modify vehicles to better support various SOF mission sets by increasing their capabilities, reliability and performance. No more out-of-service vehicles due to improper installs or the risks that come with it. Operators will know the equipment needed to achieve the desired capabilities, and how to properly perform installs.


For more information or to schedule classes, please contact our training director at or call 615.647.8988, ext 3.