Less than Lethal Force Options

Violence Prevention Course (8 hrs)

Learn the art of verbal persuasion and body language to de-escalate and take control without a physical struggle $100

  • Quickly identify subject category; early threat identification to increase officer safety
  • Posturing and verbal skills for de-escalation
  • Realistic role play to enhance verbal engagement and de-escalation skills, helping officers handle situations using reasonable force
  • Passive resistance limited force technique and application (pain compliance and joint control)
  • Physical techniques for the "passive non-compliant" subject

*Bring duty belt, sidearm, soft-sole shoes. Mouth piece and groin protection optional.

Violence Mitigation Course (8 hrs)

Dominate the struggle, control the attacker, and reduce the likelihood of needing to use deadly force, but still building proficiency with close-in firearms engagements $100

  • Focused on defending against a dynamic attacker and subduing them physically, or using firearms in close if needed
  • Repeated exposure in "worst-case" situations to build proficiency in this critical phase of a struggle
  • Proven principles for staying on your feet and fighting back up from the ground (Adopted by Army Special Operations and adapted for LEO use) Force-on-Force scenarios with Non Lethal Training Ammunition (NLTA)

Firearms and Tactics

Well-oiled Machine (Essentials) Course (8 hrs)

Revisit the essentials that got you here and sharpen them. You'll be rock solid with your pistol, rifle, or duty shotgun $200

  • Physiological stress shooting for fundamentals reinforcement
  • Build solid "staying in the fight" technique (reloads and malfunctions)
  • Develop smooth mechanics and weapons manipulation techniques
  • Work solid touch points and quick target acquisition skills
  • All duty gear and applicable firearms, safety equipment
Firearms Building Block 1 (8 hrs)

Build on top of the essentials and push your limits! (pistol, rifle, or shotgun) $200

  • Apply quick reaction skills while using target discrimination
  • Achieve effective angles and positions for engaging threats
  • Utilize cover (barriers and vehicles) to successfully engage threats
  • Apply cognitive skills and make accurate shots under stress
  • All duty gear, applicable firearms, eye and ear protection
Firearms Building Block 2 (8 hrs)

Hone skills till you're razor sharp, and add tactical two-man movement and considerations (pistol, rifle, or shotgun) $200

  • 2-man team member proficiency and coordination while eliminating threats
  • Solve complex threat situations while moving through scenario lanes
  • Stay in the fight- wounded drills, contingencies, worst case scenario problem-solving
  • Enter and clear applications for CQB

All duty gear, applicable firearms, eye and ear protection

Concealed Pistol (8 hrs)

Fill gaps from basic LE and Armed Security training that simply don't teach concealed carry concepts. Learn from trainers with years of on-duty concealed carry experience $200

  • Defeating clothing and carry position considerations
  • Mechanics of engaging in a timely manner
  • Transferring hands to move off line and control bystanders
  • Engaging accurately during alternate positons and movement
  • Reloading from concealment
  • How concealed carry effects a deadly force struggle

Bring typical undercover equipment and set up along with pistol, eye and ear protection. Consider additional holster and carry options if you're new to concealed carry, and be ready to try new things.


Prepares members of departmental or regional tactical teams to provide dynamic tactical response to high risk situations. Decades of experience in this skillset are melded with highly efficient training process to build maximum proficiency in less time. Training can inlude:

  • Move tactically through urban space, including inside and outside structures
    - Tactical rifle and pistol proficiency, and employment in dynamic situations
  • Quickly and accurately discriminate between hostile and non-hostile subjects
  • Close movement and team interaction
  • Combative control techniques

* Courses vary due to variations in team size, budget and training goals for each department. Contact our LE Training Program Manager Zevon at zdurham@assetsecurityservices.com to discuss how we can shape a custom course to meet your needs.

Tennessee Protection Officer or Guard

TN Unarmed Guard

Meet the TN Unarmed Guard Card training requirement and learn from experienced professionals with a knack for quality training $60

  • Learn from former law enforcement officers, who still regularly work in the private security industry
  • Understand legal boundaries and authorities, so you leave knowing how to do your job effectively
  • Discuss how to handle some of the common challenges private security officers face. There is an art to being effective without crossing boundaries. Get the details other trainers don't understand, and leave better prepared to be successful in the private security industry. Invest early in your new career path by training with the best!
TN Armed Guard

Exceeds the state minimum standards to qualify you for your TN Armed Guard Card $165

  • 16 hour program exceeds the state training requirement, with detailed coverage of the legal boundaries and authorities security officers work within
  • How to effectively handle the challenges of the job
  • Efficient firearms training program that builds more proficiency to make you more effective and safe
  • Shoot 3 times more than the state minimum requirement (150 rounds)
  • Move forward faster and get more bang for your buck. Invest in your new career path by training with the best.

Bring your pistol (the same make and model of the one you'll use on the job), two magazines, 150 rounds of factory-loaded ammunition, a magazine pouch and holster (preferably the one you'll wear on duty).

TN Armed Guard Renewal

Dynamic 8- hour program for those who are due to renew their armed guard license, while picking up additional useful skills. $100

  • Initial contact
  • Verbal and body language skills
  • Preparing for a potential physical confrontation
  • Factors surrounding the presence and use of your firearm
  • Fast accurate shooting

Strategic Public Safety

Area and Facility Vulnerability Assessor Course

Law enforcement agencies (LEAs) are often working with limited resources, making it difficult to protect the public. This course helps agencies get the most value out of their resources by assessing the various vulnerabilities, and focus efforts where they're needed most.

  • How to conduct assessments of facilities or entire areas such as neighborhoods or business districts
  • Prioritization of vulnerabilities Effective dedication of resources
  • Usually covers criminal vulnerabilities, active killer and terrorism, but can also include other emergencies such as storms/fires/floods
  • Students will conduct real actual assessments for coursework. Courses focused on your jurisdiction will maximize training value, and hosting can offset that cost
Active Killer Recognition and Response

This is critical training that addresses a very real threat.

  • Recognize warning signs to help prevent an attack
  • Learn the skills needed to survive an attack
  • Implement these skills in realistic situations