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Diverse backgrounds with a common passion for solving problems, our investigative team will find the most efficient and likely way to help solve your unique problem. Stuck with a problem law enforcement, HR or your lawyer can't or won't help resolve? We'll listen to your concerns, propose a path forward, execute with precision and purpose, and provide helpful documentation and evidence to help get the results you're looking for. 

Browse our services below then give us a call for a free consultation. We have various methods of pricing for different situations, and can most likely craft a solution you can afford- especially considering the cost of doing nothing.

In a High-risk Situation?

We're also a licensed security company with a broad range of protective skills, and can provide protection for your home, workplace, yourself (or family member), or real property. We welcome the challenge of crafting tailored protection services, and take pride in providing the peace of mind you may be needing during a difficult time. We can also provide training to allow you and those you care about to protect yourselves. We regularly do private training programs for various groups. Don't let a scary situation run your life!

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  • Corporate Matters
  • Financial Loss Mitigation
    • Violations of non-disclosure non-compete agreements
    • Theft of intellectual property
    • Workman's comp or disability fraud
    • Theft of real property
    • Character profile
    • Employee / executive background investigation
  • Private Investigations
  • Security Risk Mitigation
    • Pre-employment background investigation
    • Current employee investigation and surveillance
    • Sub-contractor investigation and character profile
  • Personal Matters
  • Personal Crisis
    • Difficult divorce or break-up
    • Potential physical danger
    • Risk of significant financial loss
  • Child Custody
  • Privacy Violation or Concern
    • Harassment
    • Stalking
    • Hacking of personal accounts and devices 
  • Missing Persons
  • Family / Social Issues
    • Find someone you're looking for
    • Concerns about someone important
    • Questions about someone new in your life
  • Legal Matters
  • Civil and Criminal 
    • Civil matter
    • Criminal defense 
    • Fugitive recovery
  • Private Investigations
  • Trial Preparations
    • Evidence gathering and analysis
    • Witness preparation
    • Serving of process, summons or notice
    • Voir dire strategy planning