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    Private Investigations

    Find the information you need, because not knowing can be costly
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    Protective Services

    Practical solutions to protect your organization and keep it running smoothly

Security Risk Management

Just as insurance limits financial risk, our security risk management services reduce physical and financial risk by proactively protecting all your assets, and ensuring continuity of operations.



Be On the Look Out (BOLO) takes you down a path to overall self-protection. How to avoid being chosen as a victim, turning off the attack moments before, and fighting to escape should it still happen. Come learn, and live life safe.


The Next generation of mobility training

ASSET has re-written the book on mobility training and created relevant next-level solutions. Our fleet of specially equipped theater-specific foreign vehicles familiarizes your team with their unique aspects. Contact our training branch today to see what type of training we can arrange for your group.

Private Investigations

Need information or evidence? What is the cost of not knowing the truth? Let our highly experienced and diverse team of investigators work to solve your issue quickly, and provide professional results in highly detailed reports.


Firearms Training

From industry-leading personal protection to dynamic military and law enforcement training, we can prepare you to better avoid threats, see them coming earlier, and respond better if needed. Be proactive and be prepared!


Protective Services

Fully licensed in TN (and able to coordinate elsewhere), we proudly only employ professionals with a passion for protection. We offer guard services, VIP/personal protection, and sensitive material transport.

About us.

ASSET is a full-service, premium security services and training company. We take pride in adapting and improving the status quo to mitigate today’s evolving threats, and meld with the ever-changing culture. Our diverse and innovative team of accomplished veterans pull from recent and relevant worldwide experience to create effective security solutions for your unique needs and budget. Whether here in Nashville or worldwide, we have you covered!

Our team has come together out of a common goal to improve the safety of the general public, and the safety and capabilities of law enforcement, military, and security professionals. After extensive careers in military special operations, VIP protection, anti-terrorism, military and civilian law enforcement, our team has felt the call to serve the public more directly. We take proven, up-to-date practices into the mainstream, help people prepare for increasing threats, and allow the American way of life to live on.

Our innovative law enforcement and military training programs help law enforcement and military personnel improve both their capabilities and survivability. Too often their training becomes dated while adversaries evolve. We take pride in keeping our thumb on the pulse of changes in threat trends, and adapting our training to counter those threats.

Contact us today with your concerns! We would be happy to discuss options for meeting your security needs, and put a plan of action into play to keep you safe, and help you live free.


Current PromotionS

Great group and military discounts coming up for our Personal Protection Training for private citizens. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated on new discounts and classes.  

Meet the Team



Bill spent 22 years in military and civilian law enforcement as well as private contracting. His experience working in various specialties like patrol, antiterrorism, VIP protection and training provides a broad scope of knowledge to manage ASSET's three branches.

Law Enforcement and BOLO Training Program Manager

Zee retired from the Army’s Special Forces where he specialized in building clearing and hand-to-hand combat. To better his skills, he earned a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, was a competitive MMA fighter with a 7-1 record, and is a multi-time champion in various grappling tournaments.

Security Director

Patrick has served in the US Army Special Forces since 2011, developing skills building international military relationships and solving complex and sensitive training and combat readiness problems for foreign militaries. As a current Green Beret Instructor (in the National Guard), Patrick continues to train future Special Forces Soldiers in their pursuit of earning Green Beret, while managing our security branch and helping to develop our training programs.

Director of Investigations

Mrs. Durham is a driven investigative professional with over 15 years of investigative experience. Mrs. Durham utilizes a psychology degree, human resources skills, and several years of tactical application to set a high standard for the private investigator industry in the Middle Tennessee area.



Greater than the sum of its parts, team ASSET is more than a group of professionals from different backgrounds. We each have our specialties, but we also appreciate the value of working closely with those in other genres of security for the best possible outcome. We constantly share ideas and information, and often train together to keep the innovative ideas flowing- benefitting all we serve.


Security Risk Management

94 years

Special Operations

87 years

Law Enforcement and Investigations

96 years

Tactical and Personal Defense Training

71 years

Organizational and VIP Security

80 years


intense miles of tactical driver training



rounds of ammunition forecasted for this year's



people and properties

made safer

14 Countries

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experience and training


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