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    Highly effective training for today’s diverse and dynamic threats
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    Protective Services

    Practical solutions to protect your organization and keep it running smoothly


Our lead instructors consider all relevant factors and craft custom-fitted training for your unique needs. Nothing you don't need, just highly effective training that increases your capabilities and reduces your risk.


Protective Services

We hire professionals, train them more than anyone else, and provide you the broadest coverage from deterrence to low-level conflict resolution (de-escalation) to physical protection (if needed)

About us.



ASSET is a full-service, premium security services and training company that aims above the status quo and constantly strives for that next level.

Our diverse and mostly veteran team is dedicated to ensuring you get optimal value from us, because we're extremely passionate about helping citizens, military and law enforcement stay safe and effective in today's challenging environment.

Contact us today with your concerns! We would be happy to discuss options for meeting your training or security needs, and put a plan of action into play to keep you safe while living freely.

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Meet the Team



Bill co-founded ASSET with the goal of employing the industry's best and combining their collective expertise under one roof, offering the public unmatched protective, investigative and training services. He pulls from his operational experience in military and civilian law enforcement and security (both in the US and abroad), and training experience teaching for many top companies and government schools to accurately assess the needs of each client, and craft the best possible solutions to meet those needs.

Training Operations Manager

Zee retired from the Army’s Special Forces (18C) where he specialized in building clearing and combatives. To better his skills, he earned a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, was a competitive MMA fighter with a 7-1 record, and is a multi-time champion in various grappling tournaments. He now seeks to share his skills by teaching people protect themselves (and others)- regardless of occupation or skill level. Zee has a knack for pulling from his vast experience the right mix of skills each client needs, and crafting custom courses that fit budget and time constraints.


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